Honduras: Three dead in pre-match riots

Many fans required medical treatment

Three people have been killed in clashes between rival supports in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Fans of rival clubs, Olimpia and Motagua, had gathered in the nation’s capital to watch the derby match, but the fixture was postponed following the outbreak of violence.

The Motagua team bus was also attacked, with stones being thrown through the windows as it tried to make its way to the ground.

Rocks were thrown through the windows of the Motagua team bus

Former Celtic defender Emilio Izaguirre was among several players injured during the events. Izaguirre, 33, received cuts to his eye but described his injuries as “nothing serious” and instead directed supporter sympathies towards those who died in the clashes.

“Three people died and seven were shot and stabbed. One of them is a boy. Three of the injured adults are in critical condition,” said local hospital spokesperson Laura Schoenherr.

The game was postponed as a result of the violence.

Motagua blamed members of the Ultra-Faithful Olimipia fan group for the violence and have called on severe punishments and sanctions to be put into place.

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