Chemnitzer FC captain sacked for neo-nazi sympathies

Daniel Frahn made 115 league appearances for Chemnitzer FC

German third division side Chemnitzer FC have sacked their club captain after the player ‘openly displayed’ sympathy for local neo-Nazi groups.

Daniel Frahn, 32, was accused of misconduct after watching his side play against Hallescher FC. Frahn chose to watch the game from the stands in the company of well-known far-right groups that also follow the club.

Frahn is no stranger to controversy and this was his second time being accused of sympathising with the far-right. In March, the striker apologised for participating in a tribute to a well-known neo-Nazi by holding aloft a black t-shirt bearing the phrase “support your local hools

After the first incident, Frahn pleaded ignorance and apologised for joining the tribute. However, his contrition has since been labelled a ‘farce’ by the club in a strongly-worded statement released on Monday.

Romy Polster, deputy chair of Chemnitzer FC’s shareholder meeting said, “He could not and would not live up to the responsibility of the player and team captain of a football club, which involves more than scoring goals and letting yourself be cheered by the crowd: namely, attitude”.

Chemnitz was in the national news last August after two-days of far-right violence blighted the city.

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